Ever tried to send HTML Newsletter?

If you have ever tried to send one, you probably know that HTML Newsletter have been a pain in the ass so far. Today we would like to introduce three quite helpful pages and tools for designing and sending email newsletter.

  1. HTML EMail Boilerplate is a CSS template for eMails which fixes the common design problems within the famous mail clients like outlook, gmail and other stuff.
  2. Mail Chimp is an advanced webtool, which is free for up to 2.000 subscribers and 12.000 mails per month. It offers lots of tools to send, manage and analyze email newsletter and it even integrates social network communication within your mailings.
  3. Last but not least the guys at campaignmonitor have assembled a CSS support guide for mail clients which is really helpful!

As from now HTML newsletter hopefully won`t be a nightmare anymore. Happy Coding!

Add: At webdesignerdepot they made a even bigger review of this topic.

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