PersonalNeuDenken (RethinkHR) was a conference in Jena, which was organized by a team of master students of the intercultural business communications degree at University of Jena that took place on July 2nd.

There have been many interesting talks about various current HR trends throughout the day and there are a few things I’d like to highlight. First, Kristina Barisic spoke about transforming line organizations into agile decentral organizations and the type of obstacles you have to overcome. It was quite interesting to see how non-tech companies more and more adapt methodologies that became famous in the IT world.

Further, I attended a design thinking workshop by Steffen Szary on how to innovate in the field of applicant experience. It was really great to see how quickly all the participants came up with great ideas on how to improve the application process for both sides on the table (for example, one proposal was to give more feedback post interviews no matter if you are hired or not).

Last but not least, there was Andre Ottlick of Startup Workshops talking about „Life Balance“, right not „Work-Life Balance“. He gave us fantastic insight on how dogmas hinder us in reaching our personal feel-good zone and how that relates to creativity and performance in the workspace.

I had the pleasure to talk about talent management and talent pipelines and tried to give an insight on how companies can actually plan, setup and use talent networks for their future need of skilled employees – just before a quick look into the current state of the war on talent in Germany, for example, the GfK Institute found in 2011 that 40% of all employees are looking for a new job. I also pointed out that the self-conception of companies inviting people to apply for available jobs through job adverts is over and instead companies have to pitch them self and their open positions towards applicants.

My talk was recorded and hopefully will be online here soon! Thanks again to the organizers for a great and inspiring event!