Recruiting Tech Experts

Permanent and Freelance

We find the right people for you. Simple as that. We apply our own technical skills to understand your product and core technologies. Beyond a simple CV, we provide you with a shortlist of candidates including our expert feedback.

Our services are free until we’ve successfully placed someone in your company.


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“Thermondo is always searching for talent. In Webcrowd, we found a partner for the first steps of our recruiting funnel: from sharpening job adverts to screening candidates all the way to setting up interview appointments. By working with Webcrowd, we became the fastest hiring department in the company.”

– Thermondo



“Tech recruiting requires partners who understand our dev team, care about our mission, and relentlessly identify talent from around the world. Webcrowd talks our language, and brings us the right candidates.”

– Blacklane



“It’s refreshing to work with tech recruiters who understand our needs.”

– GoEuro

Talent Management

For small companies and startups, who don’t have an internal HR team yet, don’t receive the right candidate flow or do not have time to process applications, we’re here to help.

We fully represent your company’s interests while evaluating and interviewing applicants from our combined pools. We provide you with a shortlist of candidates including our expert feedback to help you assess the right people. Candidates receive timely responses, leave with a good recruiting experience, while you can focus on growing your business.


Community Work and Outreach

At the core of Webcrowd lies passion and respect for the developer community. Our team organizes hackathons, meetups, tech talks etc. to support the community, share knowledge and stay current. If you’re planning on organizing an event but lack the time, expertise or network, contact us.